Graduate School in Mathematics and Computer Science in Normandy

The MINMACS Grad'School is a joint graduate school of the mathematics and information sciences departments of the three major universities (Caen, Le Havre and Rouen) and Grande Ecoles (ENSICaen and INSA Rouen) in Normandy. The Master's degree program focuses on the interface between mathematics and information sciences with two majors, namely "Mathematical Informatics" and "Data Science", as well as several high-profile interdisciplinary challenges in digital sciences. The program is suitable for those who wish to pursue research by undertaking a PhD and those wishing to enter industry.
The students, selected according to the highest standards, will be offered:



International mobility

In-lab embedding, seminars, reading groups, summer school, workshops, conferences, PhD grants Master and PhD programs, excellence scholarships, Personalised curriculum, Mentorship Mandatory, double-diploma agreements, exchange programs

A multisite Graduate School

Universities and Grandes Ecoles

Partly funded by

Caen, Rouen and Le Havre

Jalal FADILI (Director)
Pierre CALKA (Dep. Director)

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